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International Shipping for Motorhomes and Travel Trailers



Get your RV ready to ship overseas

Unloading: Regardless of the vehicle you’re transporting, we always ask that you have it unloaded ahead of time. While RVs are made to make traveling convenient, transporting an RV that is full doesn’t work well. It puts extra stress on the vehicle that’s hauling, and only makes the process more expensive for you. Since RVs are already such heavy loads, it definitely does not make the haul any easier when they’re full.

Lock It Down: Make sure that all windows, doors and cabinets that could open up during the transport, are closed. Whether you have locks installed, or you decide to tape them shut. This also goes for any items that you have hanging. Remove any items that could budge during the transport and tuck them away for safekeeping.

Exterior Prep: You’re going to want to make sure that all items on the exterior of your RV are also locked down. From awnings to pop-ups, make sure that they’re in a state that won’t affect the way that they sit while traveling. You will also need to check to confirm that all lights and electrical bits of your RV are in working condition. We also suggest getting your brakes checked and getting an oil change completed.

How can I arrange overseas shipping for my RV?

RVs and other vehicles including motorcycles, tractors, trailers, trucks, and other machinery, can be shipped overseas as Roll On / Roll Off (Ro / Ro) or in a container. With Ro Ro services, your vehicle is driven on and off of the shipping vessel. Your vehicle can also be packed and shipped in a container, along with other items, if desired.

Who provides delivery service at my final destination?

We work with an extensive network of shipping and Customs professionals that are available to assist in all functions of your overseas shipping, including Customs clearance, transportation from the port to your final destination, and documentation services.

Do I need marine shipping insurance?

Optional marine insurance provides coverage against loss during ocean transit. We can arrange total loss or all risk marine shipping insurance on your behalf, or you can consult your insurance company to determine whether marine insurance coverage is included within your existing vehicle policy.

What documents are required for delivering my RV to the port of loading?

Dock Receipt (5 Copies) - This is prepared & provided by our comoany upon receipt of your booking form.

Original Certificate of Title & Copies - As required by U.S. Customs.

Propane Letter - If your RV has propane tanks they need to be emptied/cleaned by a professional 3rd party.

How to Ship an RV US to Overseas